State you’re riding shotgun in your pal’s cars and truck. It’s Friday night, and you’re playing music from your favorite YouTube playlist. Then, somebody asks you to search for instructions. Given that your iPhone is currently linked to the cars and truck’s stereo, as soon as you leave YouTube, the music stops and everybody in the cars and truck jointly sighs.

YouTube enthusiasts have actually long revealed discouragement over this hassle. There utilized to be a method to navigate this by browsing to YouTube utilizing Safari rather of the YouTube app and playing music from there, however that technique has actually given that been covered out.

That implies that, regrettably, the only method to play music from YouTube in the background is to register for YouTube’s paid membership service, YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium costs $1199 a month for a single account ($ 6.99 a month if you’re a trainee), or $1799 a month for 6 accounts in a “Household Strategy.” Registering will eliminate all advertisements on YouTube videos, permit you to download videos to view offline, and provide you access to both “YouTube Original” videos and YouTube Music, the website’s music streaming service. And, obviously, you’ll get the capability to listen to audio from YouTube videos in the background, even while utilizing other apps.

Here’s how to register for YouTube Premium, and begin listening to YouTube whenever you desire in the background.

How to play YouTube in the background utilizing YouTube Premium

Initially, you require to register for YouTube Premium.

1. Browse to the YouTube Premium homepage, which can be discovered here

2. Click the blue button that states “GIVE IT A GO FREE,” which will open a window for you to enter your payment info.

Go to the YouTube Premium homepage to begin the signup procedure.
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3. Enter your payment info and postal code. YouTube Premium uses a one-month complimentary trial, so if this is your very first time registering, you will not be charged the $1199 charge till a month has actually passed. YouTube may, nevertheless, charge you a $1 charge initially to ensure that the payment info you have actually provided stands– this dollar needs to be reimbursed within a couple of days.

Go into the payment info that you wish to be utilized to spend for Premium.
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4. The YouTube account you utilized to register for Premium will be instantly given access to all the brand-new functions of Premium.

Now, here’s how to play tunes in the background.

5. Open the YouTube app.

6. Browse to the video that you wish to listen to in the background.

7. Once it begins playing, do not hesitate to go back to your phone’s House screen, and open other apps. You can stop briefly and play the video’s audio from the iPhone’s Nerve center, by opening it and holding your finger down on the music tab for a minute.

You can manage volume and playback from the iPhone’s Nerve center.
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As long as you’re registered for YouTube Premium, you’ll have the ability to listen to YouTube videos without having the app open.