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Early mornings with kids are ruthless. No matter how ready you believe you are or how early you handle to drag yourself (and everybody else) out of bed, there’s still a lot rushing occurring. There are a lot of teeth to brush, clothing to place on, things to evacuate and whimpering to disregard.

I’m a fan of packaging lunch up the night prior to (the only thing I dislike more than loading school lunches during the night is loading them up in the early morning), however one moms and dad on Reddit is taking meal preparation to the next level: She’s prepping her kids’ breakfasts ahead of time, too– with containers.

I am prepping my kids’ breakfasts and it is making me a much better moms and dad. I assisted my kid with research today rather of knocking around the kitchen area. Kids like selecting a container and placing on the completing touches much better than consuming whatever I seem like cooking.

She provides her kids 3 choices:

  • Oatmeal prepped with rolled oats, peanut butter, honey, vanilla and salt. In the early morning, include boiling water, permit to sit for roughly 3 minutes and stir. (You undoubtedly may require to aid with the boiling water, depending upon how old/capable your kid is.)
  • Healthy smoothie (often combined berry, often chocolate peanut butter) prepped with soy milk, protein powder, combined berries, vanilla and salt. In the early morning, include banana and ice; mix till smooth.
  • Yogurt cups prepped with combined berries, yogurt and semi-sweet mini chocolate chips. In the early morning, merely stir.

Overnight oats and no-bake energy balls would be excellent prep-ahead choices, too. And if you actually desire breakfast to take place effortlessly, you might likewise set the table the night prior to

There: Now you have actually got more time to tension about other things in the early morning.

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