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The high chair can appear like the ideal area to restrict your child or young child while you’re consuming a meal or attempting to get some supper prepped in the kitchen area. Toss a couple of Cheerios on the tray and everybody enjoys. However the high chair is likewise among those things that moms and dads of kids utilize so frequently that your precaution can end up being lax in time.

With U.S. News & World Report reporting that high chair-related injuries (generally falls) are on the increase, it may be worth a fast refresher course in high chair security.

The majority of these injuries take place when a kid stands while trying to leave the chair. The resulting head, neck, and facial injuries can vary from cuts to concussions.

To prevent falls and injuries, follow these standards, thanks to the American Academy of Pediatrics:

Inspect the chair’s stability

The chair ought to not be unsteady or quickly toppled.

Inspect the lock

If your high chair folds, it will require to be locked into location each time it is opened (you ought to hear and feel the lock click into location). If the chair has wheels, inspect that those are locked, too.

Utilize the security straps

This is a big deal. Kids can’t be depended sit unrestrained even for a brief time period. Utilize a 3- or five-point harness with a crotch strap, which avoids the kid from slipping down and falling.

Keep the chair placed far from the table

Likewise the counter, wall or any other furnishings. If their little feet can get some utilize, they can press or kick the chair over. Likewise, make certain you keep sharp things, table linens, utensils, plates and hot foods or liquids out of their reach.

Do not leave them alone

Kids ought to constantly be monitored when they remain in their high chair to make certain they’re not attempting to leave and to make certain brother or sisters aren’t attempting to get on it, which might likewise trigger it to tip.

High chairs that hook onto tables are not as safe as freestanding chairs

Nevertheless, if you’re utilizing one in a dining establishment or throughout travel, get one that locks onto the table. The table must be heavy adequate to support the weight of the kid without tipping, and the kid’s feet ought to not have the ability to touch the table assistance. Any pressing with their feet might trigger the seat to remove from the table.

When you’re buying a high chair, search for one that has an accreditation seal from the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association). You can inspect whether your high chair has actually been remembered by browsing

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