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WhatsApp is well-known for compressing its images, so that otherwise-beautiful photos appear like they were shot from a generations-old electronic camera phone. I overemphasize just a little.

Thankfully there’s a simple method to “deceive” WhatsApp into sending out an excellent image without needing to download any third-party software application or worrying yourself out.

The screenshots for this short article are for iOS, considering that I have an iPhone useful, however I’ll likewise explain the procedure for Android too, considering that the fundamental system is basically the very same: you need to make WhatsApp believe you’re sending out a file, instead of an image.

To start, you’ll require to conserve your image as something aside from an image. In Android, you can do this by relabeling your image as a.pdf or.doc file in your file supervisor, which will wait as the file key in concern. Then, when you send it to the recipient, inform them to relabel the image in their own file supervisor as.jpg and it’ll appear as the initial, uncompressed image for them.

In iOS, you can conserve your images to your Files application. You’ll need to choose a folder, either for an app currently on your phone or your iCloud Drive. I utilize my Word folder for any image I do not wish to send out to iCloud for whatever factor.

As soon as you have actually conserved your image, bring up your WhatsApp contact of option and tap the plus indication button to include an accessory to your message. Then choose “File” instead of “Image.” This will bring up your Files, and from here you can discover and choose your image. It’ll send out as an uncompressed file instead of a compressed image.

In Android, the procedure can be even much shorter than the approach noted above, just by sending out the image as a “File” instead of a “Gallery” file. You need to discover your images under an unique folder. If you do not see it right away, tap “Search other docs.”

There are a variety of other third-party alternatives (utilizing Dropbox, Evernote, Google Photos, etc), however if you wish to send out a quality image without needing to wander off too far from WhatsApp and your integrated software application, this is the most convenient method to do it.

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