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Your Google Photos image collection can already feature in a personalized screensaver or picture carousel on smart devices around your home, such as the Nest Hub. And now, those photos can also grace your Android phone’s home screen in the form of live wallpaper.

Google Photos‘ latest app update enables you to set your memories as an automatically rotating wallpaper. To use this feature, you should have the app’s v5.22. Once you’ve updated it, here’s how you can set your photos as live wallpaper:

  • Go to your home screen and long-press an empty space.
  • Head to the wallpaper section.
  • Scroll down to Live wallpapers.
  • Select Memories to set your images as a live wallpaper.
Setting live wallpaper from Google Photos memories

Sadly, there’s no way to control what picture shows up as a wallpaper on your home screen or lock screen. So, be prepared to get random and crappy pictures you don’t remember you captured.