It’s simple to take a screenshot in Windows 10, however if you require to record a video of a program or video game, Windows is geared up with a tool for that also.

Regardless of the name, the Windows Video Game Bar is a general-purpose program that can be utilized in many programs, even if they’re not video games. And the Video game Bar has a video recording function you can utilize to tape the screen, with or without voice narrative.

Here’s how to do it.

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How to tape your screen on Windows 10 utilizing the Video game Bar

1. Open the program for which you wish to tape the screen, and make certain it has focus (click the program window).

2. Press the Windows secret + G.

3. If you see a dialog box asking if you wish to open the Video game Bar, click the checkbox for “Yes, this is a video game.”

To utilize the Video game Bar, verify that the chosen program is a video game (even if it isn’t).
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4. The Video game Bar must appear. If you wish to tell while you record, click the little Microphone icon. When you’re prepared to tape, click the Record button, which is the big round, strong black button to the right of the cam icon (which can be utilized to take a screenshot).

To begin tape-recording video, click the strong black, round button to the right of the Cam (screenshot) button.
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5. After a minute, the Video game Bar will end up being a little recording bar on the side of the screen, and you will be tape-recording. You can turn the microphone on or silence it from here also.

6. When you are done, click the blue Stop Recording button.

You can utilize the recording bar to toggle the microphone and stop tape-recording.
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7. Search for the alert in the lower ideal corner of the screen to inform you where Windows has actually conserved the video. You must have the ability to discover your videos in the Videos/Captures folder.

The Video Game Bar has some constraints. You can just tape video in video games and many programs – you can’t tape the Windows desktop.

If you require to tape the desktop, try to find a third-party video screen-recording app in the Microsoft Shop ( Ultra Screen Recorder is one such complimentary app).