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Regardless of it being practically 6 years of ages at the time of composing, the PlayStation 4 still holds some tricks from its gamers. Here are a couple of things you might have missed out on when utilizing your console.

Credit for a few of these go to this Reddit thread, which opened with the discovery about surprise prizes that numerous PS4 owners (myself consisted of) didn’t understand– in spite of it having actually been presented on the console 3 years earlier, according to the PlayStation UK Twitter:

Other individuals in the Reddit thread shared other “concealed” includes they ‘d found out about, and it ends up there are great deals of things PS4 owners do not learn about their stunning black box. So here are a couple of suggestions and techniques for utilizing the PS4– prior to you leave it for Sony’s next-gen console, naturally.

Settings gems

The settings menu itself is a wealth of enjoyable things, if you want to dig for it. Initially, did you understand you can dim the light of your Dualshock? If you examine the settings for “Controller” under the “Gadgets” submenu, you’ll discover a setting that allows you to change from “Bright,” (the default) to “Medium” and “Dim.” I keep it on intense since I like to video game in the dark and the Dualshock’s like a little nightlight, however if you’re seeking to conserve battery power by decreasing the power the Dualshock requires, this would be the top place to begin.

2nd, you can make it possible for customized button tasks from the Availability menu. This will permit you to alter the buttons around to your complete satisfaction for the console in basic, suggesting you do not need to reassign them for specific video games.

Another thing you’ll discover in the Availability menu is the capability to zoom. If you allow this, you’ll have the ability to focus on your PS4 screen by tapping the PS button and the square button. This may not be extremely beneficial for some, however it’s a cool function that’s great to have anyhow.

The Surprise Prize tricks

This is the one that influenced the Reddit post and blew the cumulative minds of a couple of thousand users (evaluating by the upvotes). If you bring up the details page on a surprise prize (which are typically concealed since they ruin something about the story or gameplay), you can strike the square to expose whatever that’s concealed about the prize.

And those of you who are more watchful may state, “However the button timely is right there on the screen!” And you ‘d be right.

However if you have actually been utilizing the console because prior to this function was included (which had to do with 3 years after the console was launched), you may not even trouble bring up the details page on a surprise prize, because you’re so utilized to them being … well, concealed. Hence you ‘d miss this on-screen timely. That’s my reason, anyhow.

Here’s what that appears like, side by side. I needed to discover one that was concealed however not always a spoiler, so here’s one from Yakuza 0, a video game I simply began playing:

Not just can you see what the prize is, however you can likewise discover details on how to get it right there– I just discovered this out thanks to another Redditor in the thread above. If you struck the “Options” button and click “Browse Online,” you’ll go to a web internet browser that looks for that precise prize name, suggesting the leading outcome is probably to be a guide on how to get it.

This works for all prizes too, not simply concealed ones.

Other techniques

Speaking as somebody who needed to take screenshots of all this things, this one was especially beneficial: you can change the screenshot settings by striking the Share button (which opens the Share menu) and go to the Share settings. Under “SHARE Button Control Type,” you can change in between “Requirement” and “Easy Screenshots,” which changes the button for screenshots from “press and hold” to simply “push the Share button.” That’s an entire headache gone right there.

I handled to discover this one prior to capturing it on the Reddit thread, however there’s a method to change in between your 2 latest screens without needing to go back to the house menu. If you double-tap the PS button, you’ll immediately go to the other recently-opened application or video game, be it prize details, a chatroom, or your messages. If you wish to utilize it finest while currently in a video game, tap the PS button as soon as (which will take you back to your house screen, then open the app of option. Then double-tap the PS button to return to the video game, and once again to go to the app, and so on

If you understand anymore suggestions and techniques for PS4 owners, do not hesitate to DM me on Twitter.

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