It’s uncommon that mobile phones wow us with genuinely ingenious functions any longer, however Samsung’s Galaxy S10 in fact does simply that. Wireless PowerShare turns your S10 into a cordless battery charger, making it able to charge other cordless gadgets with its substantial battery capability.

Your Galaxy S10 can charge cordless earbuds, smartwatches, another Samsung phone … even an Apple iPhone.

The only requirement is that the gadget you wish to charge utilizing your S10 needs to work with the Qi cordless charging requirement(and most gadgets that charge wirelessly do utilize the Qi format).

How to utilize Wireless PowerShare on a Samsung Galaxy S10 to charge another gadget

1. Swipe below the top of the screen to see the notices and fast settings.

2. Swipe down a 2nd time to see all your fast settings.

3. Tap “Wireless PowerShare.”

You can allow the Wireless PowerShare mode by taking down the fast settings from the top of the screen.
Dave Johnson/Business Expert

4. You need to now see the Wireless PowerShare screen appear with the message, “Ready to Charge.”

When you see this message, you can send out power from your S10 to another cordless charging gadget.
Dave Johnson/Business Expert

5. Position the Galaxy S10 and the gadget you wish to charge back-to-back, so the charging coils on the 2 gadgets are lined up with one another. You may require to experiment a little to discover the ideal position to get the charging coils lined up correctly.

You can utilize Wireless PowerShare on a Samsung Galaxy S10 to conserve yourself from bring around an additional battery charger.
Dave Johnson/Business Expert

6. As quickly as the 2 gadgets are correctly lined up, the Wireless PowerShare screen will quickly show the message “Charging,” and after that the screen will close. You need to likewise see an indicator on the other gadget that it is charging.

7. Leave the 2 gadgets to charge as long as required. When you have actually charged the other gadget adequately, different them. The Wireless PowerShare screen need to come back; tap “Cancel” to shut off cordless charging.

You can likewise charge your Galaxy S10 while utilizing it to charge another gadget– plug the S10 into a USB charging cable television, switch on Wireless PowerShare, and line up the gadgets. In this “dual-charging” mode, you can utilize the Galaxy S10 to charge another gadget while actively charging the S10 at the very same time.