This docile African Watusi guide called Oliver gets a hot welcome at a Texas Petco shop.

Shelly Lumpkin/Facebook.

Adoring animal owners who like taking their felines and pets anywhere they go understand they can bring their furry good friends inside retail animal supermarket Petco However 2 Texas ranchers chose to check Petco’s policy that “all leashed family pets are welcome in the shop” by generating their cherished bovine.

Ranchers Vincent Browning and Shelly Lumpkin put a leash on their African Watusi guide and took him into their regional Petco in Atascocita today, according to report

Browning’s guide, called Oliver, is popular in his own right, having a Facebook page of his own with 34,817 fans.

African Watusi guides do not appear like the common cow. They weigh an excellent 1,000 to 1,600 pounds(454 to 726 kgs).

Their uncommonly big horns have the biggest area discovered in any livestock reproduce. The biggest horns have actually been determined as 37.5 inches (9525 centimeters) by the Guinness World Records in 2003.

” We chose to gamble and call Petco’s bluff on the ‘All leashed family pets are welcome’ policy; the remarkable team at Petco – Atascocita did not dissatisfy!” Browning published on his Facebook page “They invited Oliver the African Watusi with open arms,” Browning continued. “The employee here are constantly extremely friendly and polite to us.”

Petco has actually considering that reacted concerning the guide’s go to. “We suggest it when we state ALL leashed family pets are welcome in our shops,” the business stated on Facebook Tuesday.

Great to understand Petco does not have a beef with leashed stock visiting.