Hugh Laurie stars as Captain Ryan Clark in Opportunity 5, a brand-new funny series from HBO.

Passengers and team aboard a high-end spaceship discover themselves in severe risk in Opportunity 5, the brand-new “area tourist” funny series from HBO. Evaluating by the very first teaser, the program appears like it might be a sharp, amusing addition to the cable television giant’s slate of programs.

Plainly there’s a hunger for space-based funny in Hollywood nowadays, as Netflix teased its own funny series, Area Force, previously this year, with 3 significant veterinarians of TELEVISION’s The Workplace on board, consisting of Steve Carell as both a co-creator and a star. Netflix has yet to launch lots of information about the series. All we understand is that ” The objective of the brand-new branch is ‘to protect satellites from attack’ and ‘carry out other space-related jobs’ … or something,” per the Area Force teaser text. “This is the story of the males and females who need to figure it out.”

We do not understand far more about Opportunity 5, however it likewise boasts some major comical chops. The series is the creation of Armando Iannucci, finest for developing the excellent HBO funny series, Veep, which won numerous Emmy awards over its seven-season run. And prior to he was Dr. Gregory Home in the United States, Laurie was best understood throughout the pond for yukking it up as half of the funny duo in A Little Bit Of Fry and Laurie(with Stephen Fry), along with his funny turns in Jeeves and Wooster and the different Blackadder series.

Opportunity 5 is set approximately 40 years in the future, when personal spaceflight, aka area tourist, is absolutely a thing. The titular area cruise chip is imitated today’s high-end ocean liners, total with great dining and routine workout classes. However then the ship experiences significant technical problems, putting everybody aboard at threat, while the team scrambles to fix the issue while keeping the guests from panicking.

In addition to Laurie, the cast consists of Silicon Valley‘s Zach Woods as Matt Spencer, head of consumer relations– who does an extremely bad task assuring guests when the difficulty begins. “This is a safe area,” he states. “Mentally. Physically we’re undoubtedly in horrible risk.” Josh Gad ( Frozen 2) plays smarmy billionaire Herman Judd, who owns the Opportunity 5 and pretends to be a guy of individuals, when he’s honestly rather the snob.

Making Captain Ryan’s task much more hard is Karen Kelly (Rebecca Front), a bossy guest who obviously is on board under incorrect pretenses, having actually utilized her sis’s (nontransferable) ticket. Completing the cast are Suzy Nakamura as Iris Kimura, an associate owner of the ship; Lenora Crichlow as 2nd engineer Billie McEvoy; Himesh Patel ( The Other Day) as funnyman Jordan Hatwal, carrying out on the Opportunity 5; and Ethan Phillips as previous astronaut Spike Williams, whose boozy womanizing methods are bound to trigger stress.

Opportunity 5 is pertaining to HBO in January 2020.

Noting image by YouTube/HBO