Keep in mind Atlas, the robotic that can run like an individual? It can now do a lot more than that.

The Other Day, (Oct. 11) robotics business Boston Characteristics published a brand-new video on YouTube showcasing the robotic’s newest development, bring it past its previous dexterity objectives in leaps and bounds– actually.

” Atlas does parkour,” Boston Characteristics composed in the video description. Video footage reveals Atlas nimbly jumping over a log and avoiding in between platforms of various heights “without breaking its rate,” according to the description. [Robots on the Run! 5 Bots That Can Really Move]

As Atlas browses the difficulties of the challenge course, a slow-motion series stresses the accuracy in its motions as it jumps in between platforms, every one determining about 16 inches (40 centimeters) high. Software application and vision sensing units manage Atlas’s navigation, according to the video description– however, the robotic’s coordination appear incredibly humanlike for a device.

Explained on the Boston Characteristics site as “the world’s most vibrant humanoid,” Atlas has a four-limbed, bipedal frame that would welcome contrast to the body no matter how the robotic moved. However in a series of videos launched over the last couple of years, Atlas shows movement this is uncannily human: recuperating after being pushed, carrying out backflips, running over a grassy field and practicing robotic parkour.

The possibility of a humanoid robotic that can jump, backflip and bound after you over rugged surface is upsetting enough, however Atlas’s developers at Boston Characteristics keep pressing the bot towards ever more enthusiastic gymnastic accomplishments.

What’s next for the active Atlas? Just its designers understand for sure.

Initially released on Live Science