Huntsman Spider Devours Possum in Viral (and Terrifying) Photos

A starving huntsman spider hangs its pygmy possum meal while hanging from a door in Tasmania, Australia.

Credit: Thanks To Justine Latton

In Australia– where else?– a big spider just recently showed the supremacy of arachnids over undersized mammals, as it devoured on a regrettable pygmy possum.

Southern Tasmania resident Justine Latton shared her spouse’s pictures of the gruesome meal on June 14 in the Facebook group Tasmanian Bugs and Spiders He recorded the images at a lodge in Tasmania’s Mount Field National forest while doing light repair, Latton stated the other day (June 18) on the radio program “ Tasmania Talks

Members of the Facebook group recognized the arachnid as a huntsman (likewise referred to as a huge crab spider); these big, long-legged spiders in the Sparassidae household live all over Australia. In the image, the huntsman hangs head-down from a door hinge and grips its victim by the neck. The dead marsupial– which seems a pygmy possum, according to commenters– hangs limply from the huntsman’s mandibles. [In Photos: A Tarantula-Eat-Snake World]

Possums can grow to be as huge as felines in The United States and Canada, so you may believe that this spider is quickly the size of a big supper plate. However pygmy possums ( Cercartetus lepidus) are the tiniest possums worldwide, determining about 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7 centimeters) long and weighing about 0.2 ounces (7 grams), according to Tasmania’s Parks and Wildlife Service

Usually, a huntsman spider’s leg period can rise to 6 inches (15 cm), while their bodies determine about 0.7 inches (2 cm) long, the Australian Museum reported

Eight-eyed huntsman spiders in the Sparassidae family deliver venomous bites with their sharp fangs, paralyzing small prey.

Eight-eyed huntsman spiders in the Sparassidae household provide poisonous bites with their sharp fangs, incapacitating little victim.

Credit: Thanks To Justine Latton

Latton’s spouse was carrying out repair at the lodge when he saw the spider hiding on the door simply above his colleague’s head, Latton informed “Tasmania Talks.” The 2 recorded the spider in an empty ice-cream container and launched the huntsman outside the lodge; the arachnid skedaddled and left its possum meal behind, Latton stated.

Huntsman spiders are ambush predators, and they utilize their big and effective fangs to provide poisonous bites. Spiders are typically believed to draw the liquids from their victim; in truth, they throw up digestion fluid onto their meals, chew the saturated flesh and after that slurp up the liquified nutrients, Rod Crawford, curatorial partner of arachnids at the Burke Museum in Seattle, composed on the museum site

Huntsman spiders’ normal victim consists of numerous kinds of pests, reptiles and even other spiders. However it should not come as a surprise that little mammals are likewise periodically on the menu. Many spider types worldwide are understood to consume bats, and scientists just recently tape-recorded the very first proof of tropical spiders victimizing mouse opossums, in the Peruvian Amazon, Live Science formerly reported

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