Airlines and air travel authorities all over the world have actually grounded their Boeing 737 Max fleets– and President Donald Trump has actually lastly spoken up on the airplane that’s been linked to 2 lethal crashes.

“Airplanes are ending up being far too complicated to fly,” the president stated on Twitter Tuesday early morning. “Pilots are no longer required, however rather computer system researchers from MIT. I see it all the time in numerous items. Constantly looking for to go one unneeded action even more, when typically old and easier is far much better. Flash choices are …”

He completed the tweet about 12 minutes later on.

“… required, and the intricacy develops threat,” he continued on Twitter “All of this for excellent expense yet really little gain. I do not learn about you, however I do not desire Albert Einstein to be my pilot. I desire excellent flying specialists that are enabled to quickly and rapidly take control of an aircraft!”

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On Sunday, Ethiopian Airline Companies Flight 302 crashed numerous minutes after departure, eliminating all 157 travelers on board. 8 Americans passed away in the crash

Its death has resemblances to October’s Lion Air Flight 610, in which all 189 travelers passed away. That airplane crashed 12 minutes after departure into the Java Sea.

The Boeing 737 Max has actually been critiqued by airline company experts as being strained with functions. Captain Ross Aimer, CEO of airline company consulting and legal company Aero Consulting Specialists, informed Company Expert that Boeing is renowned for its safe airplane, however the 737 Max has “some stability concerns.”

“The Boeing has actually constantly made wonderful, safe airplane,” Aimer stated. “However when it comes to 737, a basic method to explain it is– the number of times can you customize your old 1980 s Honda Civic? This is generally what Boeing is finishing with the 737.”

“It was a really safe aircraft for numerous, several years and the most popular industrial jet in service today,” Aimer stated. “Nevertheless, 50 years back, when Boeing at first developed 737 -100 for Lufthsana, it was completely a various aircraft. Now, it has actually developed into something else.”