On schedule as constantly, iFixit has actually recorded teardowns of the brand-new Mac mini and MacBook Air and provided each a repairability rating. The Mac mini is an enhancement over the 2014 design in a couple of methods. The MacBook Air has some favorable points for user serviceability, however it needs a substantial teardown to do much.

Beginning with the Mac mini, iFixit discovered that after opening the enclosure, you simply need to loosen and get rid of the fan to get in. The reasoning board can be eliminated without unique tools. Unlike the 2014 Mac mini’s RAM, the RAM in this design can be changed. It’s covered by a metal cage, once you loosen and get rid of that, it’s simple. The power supply can likewise be eliminated and changed, however you’ll wish to utilize a tool for it. On the unfavorable side, the CPU can not be changed, and damage to any of the ports would need a reasoning board replacement.

Carrying On to the MacBook Air, iFixit discovered that it’s simpler to enter than some previous Mac laptop computers. When you remain in, the reasoning board can be eliminated simply by loosening some screws and disconnecting some cable televisions. Regrettably, you need to do this to change the battery. Even more, the RAM is not exchangeable, and the keyboard is developed into the case, so substantial work is needed to service it.

iFixit provided the Mac mini a 6 out of 10 for repairability and the MacBook Air a 3 out of10 For more information, go to the teardown pages for each item.

Noting image by iFixit