As anticipated, iFixit took apart Apple’s brand-new second-generation AirPods to see what’s various about them compared to the previous version and simply how repairable they are.

Let’s get the second of those mention of the method immediately: they are not functional at all. iFixit needed to go to nearly funny lengths to open the AirPods up, and in spite of their know-how and tools, the iFixit group was not able to do so without completely harming the item. They explained the item as “disappointingly non reusable,” which is to state there is no useful method to service or fix them even at an expert store.

That’s frustrating, considered that the batteries in the AirPods will not last longer than a couple of years with heavy usage, and they’re difficult to recycle. Apple does provide to recycle earphones through partners as part of its Apple GiveBack program, however the GiveBack Web website does not provide a product-specific classification for AirPods to customers like it makes with the majority of other Apple items. Customers might just pick a basic “earphones & speakers” classification on the website.

Here’s one curious side note we had actually not discovered formerly: composing on the brand-new AirPods product packaging makes a recommendation to.
AirPower, Apple’s long-delayed cordless charging pad. The brand-new AirPods additionally feature a cordless charging-ready case, however Apple still hasn’t introduced the beleaguered AirPower item. The text in the product packaging states the AirPods case “deals with AirPower mat and.
Qi-certified battery chargers.”.

The teardown likewise exposed some distinctions from the first-generation AirPods. The battery is the exact same size, however iFixit recognized the brand-new, Bluetooth 5-ready H1 chip in the earbuds themselves. The website likewise discovered some little distinctions likely associated with Apple’s efforts to increase the case’s water resistance. For all the information, see iFixit’s teardown page for the item.

All informed, iFixit offered the AirPods a 0 out of 10 for repairability– that’s low even for Apple items. By contrast, the website likewise opened Samsung’s Galaxy Buds and provided a 6 out of 10.

Noting image by iFixit