LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 20: A Police helicopter flies over Gatwick Airport as they search for the Drone operator causing closure of the airport on December 20, 2018.
/ LONDON, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 20: An Authorities helicopter flies over Gatwick Airport as they look for the Drone operator triggering closure of the airport on December 20,2018


In what seems the very first deliberate usage of drones to interrupt civil air travel, continued sightings of 2 from another location piloted airplane flying over and around the airfield at London’s Gatwick Airport beginning the night of December 19 have actually required the airport to stay closed to flights for over a day. In a letter published to Gatwick’s site, Gatwick Airport’s CEO called the continued drone activity “an extremely targeted activity which has actually been developed to close the airport and bring optimal disturbance in the added to Christmas.” He likewise stated the airport is complying with police to end the “criminal activity.”

Since 7: 00 pm London time on Thursday, Gatwick’s runway was still not available for launches and landings “since of continued drone sightings,” the airport revealed, and some airline companies have actually cancelled all flights till additional notification. “We ask forgiveness to all of our travelers who are affected today, however the security of our travelers and all personnel is our top priority,” an airport representative stated.

Drone sightings have actually been a security issue around London’s airports for a long time. In 2016, a British Airways flight landing at London’s Heathrow Airport obviously struck a drone while on technique for landing Previously that year, the UK’s Airprox air security board released an event report on a near-miss in which a quadcopter drone passed within 20 feet of a landing Plane A319 at Heathrow. And simply a month earlier, a drone came within 32 feet of a commuter airplane landing at Edinburgh Airport. In the United States, there have actually been numerous such events reported in the last few years.

However none of these events has actually seemed as intentional or as collaborated as the constant drone activity at Gatwick, now covering over 24 hours. The airport will stay afflicted tomorrow.

While there has actually been a protest over the security effect of drones as an outcome, British Prime Minister Theresa May highlighted that the UK currently has actually passed legislation limiting drone use which no additional laws were required. “I feel for all those travelers whose itinerary have actually been interrupted by this drone activity and the action that has actually needed to be taken in action to it,” May stated at an interview. “As it has actually been explained, the activity we have actually seen is prohibited, and those who are captured threatening airplane can confront 5 years in jail. And we’re seeking advice from on additional elements of this consisting of additional authorities powers. We will continue to deal with the Gatwick authorities in order to bring this to a close such that individuals will have the ability to get on to the travel that they were anticipating over the Christmas.”

Events such as this might increase interest in anti-drone innovation, consisting of ” drone weapons,” jammers, and other drone countermeasures. However lots of present options for handling drones might disrupt routine air traffic, consisting of GPS jamming systems like those established for the armed force.