2 mass shootings that happened in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, within a 24- hour duration on Saturday and Sunday have actually shaken the United States. The very first, which has actually up until now declared 20 lives and hurt 26 others, occurred at a Walmart and is being examined as both a case of domestic terrorism and a hate criminal activity.

A manifesto published online that is thought to have actually been composed by the shooter professes that he feared Hispanic “intruders” would turn Texas into a “Democrat fortress,” which he thought mass violence was the only method to fight migration along the southern border.

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Numerous well-known figures and political leaders have actually positioned blame on the National Rifle Association, President Donald Trump’s administration, and the white supremacist ideology echoed in the manifesto. Texas Lieutenant Guv Dan Patrick blamed something else in a Sunday early morning “Fox & Buddies” section: the absence of prayer in schools, in addition to violent computer game.

“Sunday early morning when the majority of your audiences today, half of the nation, are preparing to go to church. And yet, tomorrow, we will not let our kids even hope in our schools,” Patrick, who decreased interviews from other news outlets, consisting of CNN, stated. “It’s numerous aspects that enter into these shootings, numerous aspects. And it’s not a time to politicize.”

Patrick likewise required that the federal government “do something about the computer game market,” which he states “teaches youths to eliminate.” He declared that the shooter, 21- year-old Patrick Crusius of Allen, Texas, was mimicing a “super-soldier” from “Call of Task,” a popular first-person shooting video game.

The lieutenant guv did, at one point, keep in mind that the shooting was “certainly a hate criminal activity, I believe, in my view, versus immigrants.” However in his “Fox & Buddies” section, he likewise recommended online bullying and not saluting the American flag might have been aspects.

Texas laws offer trainees with the “ outright right” to willingly hope in schools in a non-disruptive way, and as long as it does not push away other trainees.

With another mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, happening than 24 hours after Crusius opened fire in El Paso, the weekend death toll from mass shootings has actually reached 29 individuals up until now, in addition to the Dayton shooter, who was eliminated less than a minute after opening fire at 1: 07 Remain In a downtown district.

There’s no public proof that the shootings arised from computer game, bullying, or absence of prayer.