Danny Rand (Finn Jones), aka the Immortal Iron Fist, will not be fighting evil on Netflix anymore.
/ Danny Rand (Finn Jones), aka the Never-ceasing Iron Fist, will not be battling wicked on Netflix any longer.



We here at Ars were rather delighted with the greatly enhanced 2nd season of Iron Fist, perhaps the least popular of all the Netflix Protectors series. The writing and battle choreography were much better in season 2, the characters and their relations were more totally established, and it had a thematically fascinating facility in its expedition of the nature of power. Plus it ended with one hell of a plot twist.

So we were eagerly anticipating how the authors constructed on all that in season 3. Unfortunately, Netflix has actually suddenly canceled the series, notifying the cast simply a couple of hours after the odd choice, Due date reports It’s the very first time the axe has actually succumbed to among the Netflix Protectors series.

Here is the joint declaration from Netflix and Marvel completely:

Marvel’s Iron Fist will not return for a 3rd season on Netflix. Everybody at Marvel Tv and Netflix takes pride in the series and grateful for all of the effort from our extraordinary cast, team and showrunners. We’re glad to the fans who have actually viewed these 2 seasons, and for the collaboration we have actually shared on this series. While the series on Netflix has actually ended, the never-ceasing Iron Fist will reside on.

That last sentence is fascinating, because it suggests that the characters may discover their method onto another platform in a Marvel-owned home– maybe even Disney’s organized streaming service. In the meantime, the other 3 Protectors are still in the video game. Season 3 of Daredevil drops next weekend(with the much-anticipated return of arch-villain Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin), Netflix has actually currently bought a 3rd season of Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage ought to get a season 3 order quickly.