Throughout the polar vortex, when a blast of cold air hurried south from the Arctic, temperature levels in Minnesota dipped to unfavorable double-digits.

Many people took the bone-chilling temperature levels– which can freeze skin in just 5 minutes— as an indication to remain inside your home: mail service and school classes were canceled in a number of states.

However a rather uncommon team of skilled hikers, skiers, and bicycle riders chose that today, of all weeks, would be an outstanding time to withstand a 135- mile ultramarathon.

Beginning near the Canadian verge on Monday, the endurance professional athletes pedaled, strolled, ran, and skied the sloping path in between 2 towns that regularly tape a few of the coldest temperature levels in the country: International Falls and Tower, Minnesota.

This is the Arrowhead 135, a yearly abuse test of low temperature levels that some individuals delight in.

“They like the obstacle,” race volunteer Russ Loucks informed Company Expert. “There’s a great contingent of winter season lovers up here who much like doing things in the winter season.”

One veteran bicycle rider even broke a speed record this year.

Here’s what the race appeared like.