A nest of Cape fur seals (Arctocephalus pusillus) on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast.
Mateo Willis/National Geographic

Today is the 49 th yearly Earth Day— an international occasion targeted at increasing around the world awareness about how human beings are altering the world, and affecting its types.

In honor of Earth Day, we have actually assembled a few of the most stunning– and heartbreaking– pictures of our world and its plants and animals.

As news on the environment modification front gets more alarming– oceans are warming, Arctic and Antarctic ice melt is increasing, and more types are on the course to termination than ever in the past– it’s even more essential to keep in mind that our world is filled with appeal and worth safeguarding.

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A brand-new docu-series on National Geographic, “Hostile World,” highlights the remarkable durability discovered in the animal kingdom. The six-part series follows host Bear Grylls through mountains, oceans, and jungles to display “what life resembles for the animals at the cutting edge, having a hard time to endure in such a quickly altering world,” as the wildlife traveler explained it.

Here are 34 images that highlight our world and its types’ fragility and durability.