The world of Harry Potter was distinctly low-tech. According to J.K. Rowling’s canon, the air surrounding Hogwarts was so thick with magic, it avoided electrical energy from working *. Filling in computer systems and phones were spells, magics, and potions.

To bring daily challenge life, us simple muggles need to count on silicon and copper electrical wiring. Which brings us to the Harry Potter Magic Image and Video Printer from Lifeprint Products, which utilizes increased truth to develop pictures that move like in the series.

The printer itself isn’t too different in idea to the HP Gear, which we quickly evaluated in our back-to-school guide recently It lets you print pictures straight from your phone or tablet, and utilizes a custom-made sticky-backed paper that does not need different ink.

Then, to stimulate your photos, you have actually got to scan them with the Lifeprint app. The app can utilize videos from Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Apple Live Photos, in addition to Animated GIFs.

The Potteresque resemblances do not end there, as the Harry Potter Magic Image and Video Printer consists of a number of increased truth lenses and sticker labels. These let the user take the type of characters from the series (consisting of Mad-Eye Moody), include snitches and owls to their photos, and happily show their home association.

The printer likewise includes social functions that enable the user to get in touch with other fans. Through the app, users can send their pictures to their buddies’ printers– although offered the high expense of the paper, this is a function you’ll most likely wish to disable. A 40- pack of the paper will set you back an eye-watering $25(in the UK, it retails for ₤25).

The Harry Potter Magic Image and Video Printer is readily available to pre-order from today on Amazon In the United States, it opts for $150 In the UK, it costs rather a galleons, selling for ₤150

* It’s completely possible I was a bit consumed with Harry Potter as a teenager.

Released October 3, 2018– 14: 05 UTC.

Item Harry Potter Magic Image and Video Printer by Lifeprint


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