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Why cannot our moon have its personal moonmoon?

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Scientists are exploring the potential for a smaller moon going round a bigger moon, and there are some really lovely names being kicked round.

One title being thought of is “moonmoon,” in response to New Scientist.

No recognized moons have a moonmoon, however Sean Raymond and Juna Kollmeier, the astronomers engaged on the paper titled “Can Moons Have Moons?” argue that the existence of such a moon is feasible given the appropriate situations.

As an illustration, the moonmoon should not be too small or too near the host planet. These elements might end result within the destabilisation of its orbit attributable to tidal forces and consequently trigger the moonmoon to crash into host planets or finally be “eliminated.” Theoretically, any of Saturn’s moons (Titan and Iapetus), Jupiter’s moon Callisto and even our personal moon might have a moonmoon, the astronomers wrote.

Raymond and Kollmeier consult with this hypothetical moon as a “submoon” within the paper. Different scientists exploring the identical topic have referred to as it a “moon-moon.”

These names are simply two of a number of different options, although. Different doable names embrace “moonlet,” “moonito,” “moonette” and “grandmoon.”

The Worldwide Astronomical Union will resolve on its closing title however web customers are already having enjoyable with “moonmoon.”

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