Welcome to our weekly column, in which YouTuber NimbleThor brings you a list of the very best brand-new mobile video games for your Android gadget, launched over the previous week. We’re really a week behind this time; please bear with us while we return on track next Friday.

Whether you enjoy casual time wasters or hardcore shooters, you’ll discover something in here to exercise your thumbs with.

Life is brief. And one day, you’ll be outta here. Heck, there’s even an app that advises you about it numerous times a day However you’re most likely much better off thinking of other things. We have actually got a lot of brand-new Android video games to get your mind off things.


  • Size: 67 MB
  • Rate: Free
  • Category: Action/ Fight Royale/. io|Needs web gain access to

Blastlands is an enjoyable casual top-down Fight Royale-style “. io” shooter which sees you begin as a human cannon fodder, beating opponents to gather scrap parts, leveling up and scoring much better automobiles to contribute to your toolbox.

The video game is light-weight, enjoyable and disorderly, matches start nearly immediately, and with 3 game-modes; Free for All, Group Deathmatch, Supremacy, and a clan system coming quickly, we can quickly see this video game taking on the similarity Battlelands Royale in the future.

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Finest Rally

  • Size: 148 MB
  • Rate: Free
  • Category: Racing/ Casual|Playable offlime

This brand-new title from Oddrok– the designer behind Power Hover— is a top-down singleplayer casual racing video game with 9 various cars and trucks and no upgrades or complicated in-game currencies (thank you!).

While there are just 30 levels up until now, each of them are well created and challenge you by rotating in between 2 goals: beat the time, or get all the letters spread throughout the course. I’m actually hoping Oddrok will include more levels and game-modes in the future, however this is is enjoyable enough to attempt today.

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Fate of Nimi

  • Size: 132 MB
  • Rate: Free
  • Category: Platformer/ Experience/ Indie|Playable offline

Fate of Nimi is a charming brand-new indie retro platforming experience video game with a refined art design that advised us a little bit of Sword of Xolan. It likewise has 10 infuriatingly challenging levels. I’m talking actually, actually challenging!

The easy control setup is simple enough to get utilized to, however you’ll require some practice to master the odd dive mechanic. However in general, it’s an appealing brand-new indie platformer that simply requires more material to make your must-play list.

Get Fate of Nimi on Google Play

Cover Fire

  • Size: 512 MB
  • Rate: Free
  • Category: Action/ Shooter|Playable offline

Ending this list with a blast from the past, we’ve got Cover Fire, which isn’t precisely brand name brand-new (it was released in 2016), however it stays among the highest-rated third-person non-moving-around shooters (that’s a term now, all right?:P)– and I truly delighted in going back to it today.

With project, skirmish, and time-based occasions, the offline-playable shooter has you grind through levels with different characters, leveling up your abilities in between objectives, and increasing your base levels throughout all characters.

Regardless of the graphics being a bit out-of-date, and the general quality definitely not as high as online video games like PUBG Mobile, Cover Fire is a good offline shooter– as long as you can cope with its energy system, which attempts to restrict our playtime (taking a look at you, mother!).

Get Cover Fire on Google Play

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