The most significant video game of 2018, “Red Dead Redemption 2,” might be the most in-depth video game I have actually ever played.

It’s definitely the most in-depth video game I have actually played considering that the last job from Rockstar Games, “Grand Theft Automobile 5.”

The basic act of strolling through mud in “Red Dead 2” ends up being a sight to witness. Combating in it– throughout a light rain, no less– can be downright disruptive:

Rockstar Games/Take-Two Interactive

Each private step appears in the mud, rapidly filled by neighboring puddles and topped-up by the rain.

I invested more time than I want to confess just gazing at the mud. How could it be so detailed? How could there potentially have been this much attention lavished on the ground?

Those stop and gawk minutes were regular while playing through “Red Dead Redemption 2” over the recently. It’s a video game that, even after lots of hours, continues to amaze me.

Here’s simply a few of the craziest, most excellent things I have actually seen:


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