The uterus is best understood for its baby-growing task. However the female organ might likewise have an unanticipated function in memory, a research study in rats recommends.

The outcomes, released online December 6 in Endocrinology, counter the concept that the nonpregnant uterus is an extraneous organ That might have ramifications for the approximated 20 million females in the United States who have actually had hysterectomies.

In the research study, female rats either went through elimination of the uterus, ovaries, both organs or neither. 6 weeks after surgical treatment, scientists led by behavioral neuroscientist Heather Bimonte-Nelson of Arizona State University in Tempe started checking the rats on water labyrinths with platforms that were concealed simply listed below the surface area.

Compared To the other groups, rats that did not have just a uterus were even worse at keeping in mind where to discover the platforms as the tests turned gradually harder. The outcomes recommend that signals that go from the uterus to the brain are in some way associated with keeping in mind numerous littles info at the exact same time.

Rats doing not have simply a uterus had distinctions in their hormonal agent levels, too, although these rats kept their hormone-producing ovaries.

Scientists have actually understood for years that hormonal agents launched by the ovaries can affect the brain. However discovering that the uterus by itself can affect memory is a surprise, states neuroendocrinologist Victoria Luine of Hunter College of the City University of New York City. Due to the fact that lots of females have their uteruses eliminated however keep their ovaries, “this discovery raises some intriguing concerns to check out.”

Still, the outcomes are too initial to alter medical practice, states neuroscientist and reproductive endocrinologist Natalie Rasgon of Stanford University. The rats in the research study were never ever pregnant, and it’s uncertain whether the outcomes would equate to females who have actually delivered, for example.


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