The Chang’ e 4 lunar lander sits quite on the moon’s far side in this image taken by the Jade Bunny 2 rover.


The China National Area Administration (CNSA) is providing us a direct take a look at a mystical part of the moon after positioning its Chang’ e 4 lander on the lunar far side in early January.

CNSA launched some brand-new views on Friday of the far side’s 2 human-made homeowners, the lander and the Jade Bunny 2 (Yutu 2) rover The devices took each other’s pictures.

The Jade Bunny 2 rover displays with its moon tracks in this image snapped by the Chang’ e 4 lunar lander.


The rover is checking out the landing website in the Von Kármán crater on the side of the moon that deals with far from Earth, often called “the dark side of the moon” despite the fact that it gets a lot of sunshine. The rover is powered by photovoltaic panels.

CNSA likewise shared some appealing panorama images from the crater, consisting of a ring panorama focused around the lander. The rover shows up with its tracks leading away towards the bottom.


This ring panorama from the moon reveals the lander and the rover towards the bottom.


The Chang’ e 4 objective is the very first to arrive at the moon’s far side. CNSA is utilizing a relay satellite to send out information back to Earth as the lander and rover study the landscape and study the geology of the location.

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