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LibreOffice, an open source clone of Microsoft Workplace, has actually covered a bug that enabled enemies to perform commands of their picking on susceptible computer systems. A comparable defect in Apache OpenOffice stays unfixed.

Austrian scientist Alex Inführ openly reported the vulnerability on Friday, quickly after it was repaired in LibreOffice. His disclosure consisted of a proof-of-concept make use of that effectively performed commands on computer systems running what was then a completely covered variation of LibreOffice. The only interaction that was needed was that the target user hover over an undetectable relate to a mouse. On Wednesday, scientist John Lambert supplied extra PoC samples

The primary vulnerability made use of is a course traversal that enabled the attack code to vacate its present directory site and into one which contained a sample Python script that LibreOffice set up by default. That enabled Inführ to conjure up the cmd command on the susceptible computer system. The scientist then made use of a different weak point that enabled him to pass specifications of his option to the command.

Here’s a video of his proof-of-concept in action.

LibreOffice ODT PoC

Inführ picked to open the computer system’s calculator, however a destructive opponent might have chosen more wicked things.

The scientist independently reported the vulnerability to LibreOffice designers, and they repaired it in variations and 6.0.7.

The very same path-traversal vulnerability stayed unpatched in Apache OpenOffice at the time this post went live. In fairness, Inführ’s PoC make use of didn’t work versus Apache OpenOffice, since it was not able to pass destructive specifications. It’s unclear yet if there may be other methods to utilize the traversal defect to perform destructive code. Neither Inführ nor Apache OpenOffice designers reacted to e-mails looking for remark for this post.

Attackers have actually been making use of code-execution vulnerabilities in Microsoft Workplace for more than a years. Inführ’s work shows that open source clones aren’t most likely to be much less prone to identified hackers. Malwarebytes has more about the vulnerabilities here


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