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Tech assistance will continue to be a task. However with remote desktop software application like GoToMeeting or TeamViewer, it’s workable. Just fire up the program, and after that share your screen with those in requirement of assistance– or take control of their computer system from another location and do it for them. What most do not recognize is that Macs have an integrated tool that achieves the majority of what you ‘d require third-party services for.

This, naturally, is Apple’s fault, not yours. The app isn’t consisted of in the Applications folder, and Apple does little to notify you that it exists. It exists; you simply need to understand where to look.

The simplest method to discover it remains in Finder.

Fire up a Finder window and search “screen sharing.” This need to raise the integrated Screen Sharing application by default. I’m utilizing Alfred– a Finder option– however your search window and outcomes need to look comparable. And if you can’t discover it, you can go folder digging. It’s at:

/ System/Library/CoreServices/ Applications/Screen Sharing.app

Apple, naturally, might have made all of our lives easier by including it in the Applications folder, however such is life when you’re an Apple user.

Okay, from here you’ll simply require to open the app, and after that enter the IP address or the Apple ID of the individual you’re attempting to link to. Either works, however I have actually had higher success with the latter, and it’s typically much easier for the individual on the other end of the tech assistance formula– who may not understand what an IP address is, or where to discover theirs.

If you do require to discover your IP address, you can do so at Google, with the crucial expression “ what is my IP address,” or some variation.

As soon as you go into the AppleID or IP address and press Link, the individual whose device you’re attempting to show will get a pop-up alert. After they accept, you can start sharing your screen with them, or demand access to their device. By default, you’re in control of their screen, though you can alter this at the top by toggling in between the 2 choices at the upper left: Screen Sharing or Remote Management.

The left alternative lets individuals get a peek at your screen, while the best offers you access to their PC. It’s fantastic for tinkering associates, like this:

Sorry Ivan.

Which’s it. The connection in between the 2 makers can be by hand handicapped once you’re done, or it’ll instantly detach after extended periods of lack of exercise. If you wish to make certain that it’s not still linked, you can constantly reboot your device.

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