India’s effort at a soft lunar landing appeared to end in a crash on September 6 (September 7 in India), making it the 2nd stopped working moon landing this year.

The objective’s primary spacecraft, Chandrayaan-2, has actually because found the Vikram lander’s unlucky hardware from its perspective orbiting the moon. The lander came to the moon’s south pole, apparently in one piece, however India’s area firm stated it has actually been not able to bring back interactions.

The crash came simply 5 months after an Israeli not-for-profit’s lander, called Beresheet, crashed into the moon’s surface area In both cases, the deadly mistakes took place the lasts of descent.

Robert Braun, dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado, has actually dealt with landing and descent groups for numerous NASA objectives to Mars.

“Amongst all the important things we carry out in area, landing is among the more tough elements, since time gets considerably compressed,” he informed Service Expert. “There’s extremely little margin to attempt something once again if it didn’t take place as prepared.”

Here’s why the lasts of a moon landing are so tough.