Invite to the very first day of TNW Conference 2019, our flagship innovation celebration in Amsterdam. We will begin our livestream at the eToro Studio, where we’ll be talking about the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain with a few of the market’s leading professionals.

Joining us initially is Dominik Schiener, co-founder of IoT-focused dispersed journal IOTA.

Tune in to the eToro Studio for our chat with him at 14: 00 PM (CEST) sharp by following this link

Up next are:

  • 14: 20 PM (CEST): Stephane Ifrah– Co-founder and CEO, NapoleonX
  • 14: 40 PM (CEST): Gali Benartzi– Co-founder, Bancor
  • 15: 00 PM (CEST): Yoni Assia< period data-sheets-value =' {"1":2, "2": "Berit Hassle"}' data-sheets-userformat =' {"2":515, "3": {"1":0}, "4":[null,2,9684093],"12":0}' >— CEO and Creator, eToro
  • 16:
    00 PM( CEST): Francis Pouliot– Co-Founder and CEO, Bull Bitcoin
  • 16:20 PM( CEST):
    Zeeshan Feroz– CEO, Coinbase UK

There’s plenty more where that originated from. Have A Look At the main schedule to find the keynotes you do not wish to miss out on, and enjoy them on our livestream page

Curious to understand more about the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency? Make certain to take a look at Tough Fork track(powered by eToro) where we’ll be pondering over a few of the most important difficulties in decentralized tech– and how we can resolve them. Capture you there!

Released May 10, 2019– 11: 50 UTC.