Antiques still exist on the International Spaceport Station.

ESA/Alexander Gerst.

The International Spaceport station simply commemorated its 20 th anniversary, and European Area Company astronaut and present ISS resident Alexander Gerst found one little tip of that long history: a folder filled with old floppies.

In case you’re too young to bear in mind, floppies were when a significant force in computer system storage. Now they’re an out-of-date sign of calculating fond memories. Gerst tweeted an image of his entertaining discover on Tuesday.

Gerst states he discovered a locker on the ISS that most likely had not been opened for a long time. Among the floppies is identified as consisting of Norton Utilities for Windows 95/98 Some have NASA signs on the labels.

A number of the disks are entitled “Team Personal Assistance Information Disk” with the names Shep and Sergei on them. These were most likely for NASA astronaut William Shepherd and Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev, who were both part of the Exploration 1 team in 2000.

The floppy-disk blast from the past is an enjoyable tip of the ISS’s long-lasting tradition that now covers twenty years. Innovation has actually come a long method over that time, however antiques still stay.