NASA astronaut Christina Koch shared this psychedelic view from the ISS.


Vincent van Gogh was onto something when he visualized the landscape and the paradises pulled into taffy swirls of light. NASA astronaut Christina Koch shared her own artistic view of a stellar night with a composite image recorded from the International Spaceport Station.

” City lights, stars, lightning storms, even satellite flares. A composite of private images stacked on top of each other to reveal all the fantastic things we see in the evening out our window,” Koch tweeted on Wednesday.

Koch has a great deal of time to ponder the marvels of orbiting Earth. She’s on a prolonged remain on the ISS that will ultimately make her the record for the longest single spaceflight by a lady. She’s set up to go back to the world in February 2020 after 328 days in area.

We have actually seen some heart-stopping views from the ISS, consisting of radiant auroras and dancing moonsets, however Koch’s composite is a vibrant method to witness what the astronauts see. It records time, light and motion in a single image. Van Gogh would have liked it.

Initially released July 11, 8: 39 a.m. PT.