Hmm, what's this doing there?
/ Hmm, what’s this doing there?

Italian General Investigations and Unique Operations Department (DIGOS)


A neo-Nazi group in northern Italy had actually sent out members to eliminate along with Russia-backed separatists in the Donbass area of Ukraine. Obviously, the group brought some things back from their experiences– consisting of a French-made air-to-air rocket that in some way discovered its method from Qatar into the house of a neo-fascist extremist.

The rocket and a selection of other weapons were found in the current of a series of raids by Italian federal cops from the General Investigations and Unique Operations Department ( DIGOS). The raids belong to a continuous examination into the Forza Nuova political celebration and Rebel Company extremist groups that had actually combated in the Donbass area.

Other raids had actually shown up pro-Nazi and pro-fascist propaganda and antiques along with caches of knives and other unlawful weapons— consisting of brass knuckles, and a baseball bat engraved with the words “Dux Mussolini” (Leader Mussolini) and a picture of Italian Fascist totalitarian Benito Mussolini. The groups were likewise being examined under Italy’s anti-fascist laws, following pro-fascist remarks by Forza Nuova’s leader in Turin, Luigi Cortese. However in a raid today in the province of Pavia, south of Milan, cops found a collection of modern-day automated weapons– consisting of 9 attack rifles, a submachine weapon, 7 handguns, silencers, bayonets, and other military weapons.

Military weapons seized in a raid by Italian police on a neo-fascist organization member's hone in Pavia province, Italy on July 15, 2019.
/ Military weapons took in a raid by Italian cops on a neo-fascist company member’s focus Pavia province, Italy on July 15,2019

General Investigations and Unique Operations Department (DIGOS)

On top of all that, there was likewise the rocket. The Matra Super 530 F, a short-to-medium variety air to air rocket, was at first offered to Qatar to equip the Qatar Emiri Flying force’s Mirage 2000 (and formerly, Mirage F1) fighter airplane. The rocket was discovered in a shipping cylinder throughout this most current raid, and it seems in working order– though it did not have an explosive warhead set up, according to DIGOS.

Simply how a French-built Qatari rocket discovered its method into the collection of a group of neo-fascists in the Italian Piedmont area is unclear. However Forza Nuevo has actually supported the Syrian federal government, and among those detained in the raid– Fabio Del Bergiolo, 50, who ran for the Italian Senate in 2001 as a Forza Nuova prospect– is a previous customizeds anti-fraud inspector. Del Bergiolo was obviously trying to offer the rocket for 470,000 Euros to “a foreign federal government authorities,” according to cops.