A dazzling moon increases at NASA’s Kennedy Area Center in Florida in 2017.

NASA/Kim Shiflett.

Oct. 9 is National Moldy Cheese Day, which might not be the most popular of fabricated vacations, not like Groundhog Day or Talk Like a Pirate Day. Still, NASA has actually discovered a method to commemorate that does not include consuming any musty cheese.

” In honor of National #MoldyCheeseDay, we wish to explain that the Moon is not made from cheese,” NASA tweeted on Wednesday.

The area company connected to a page that explains on the moon’s structure, which includes a metal core, a mantle and a crust. There’s no reference of dairy anywhere here, however NASA still motivates us to commemorate this faux-holiday.

The moon-is-made-of-green-cheese misconception might go back centuries, however NASA described this joking idea with a skillful April Fools’ Day trick in 2002 The company revealed the Hubble Area Telescope had actually had the ability to verify the tacky moon’s expiration date, which was engraved on the lunar surface area. “To be mindful, we ought to entirely feast on the Moon by tomorrow,” a representative encouraged

If you wish to commemorate this advantageous day effectively, then you ought to go obtain some musty (and ideally smelly) cheese like some Roquefort or a great Stilton. Then celebration NASA design with a cheese plate while looking at the moon.