Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took the phase at TED on Tuesday, simply a day after sustaining criticism for abuse and false information on his social networks platform.

Dorsey talked with the head of TED, Chris Anderson, and the conference’s present affairs manager, Whitney Pennington Rodgers, about that extremely debate.

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“We have actually seen abuse, we have actually seen harassment, we have actually seen adjustment, automation, human coordination, false information,” Dorsey stated. “These are characteristics that we were not anticipating 13 years back.”

Dorsey stated his greatest concern was his capability to deal with the problem in a systemic method. He acknowledged that Twitter has actually produced a “quite awful scenario” for females– and especially females of color– however stated the business was relying more on device finding out to determine violent tweets instead of having individuals separately report them.

“Today the system makes it incredibly simple to bother and abuse others,” Dorsey stated.

Among the issues with the present platform, he stated, is that is locations unnecessary weight on fans and likes. Dorsey stated if he might return and re-create Twitter, he “would not even have a like count in the very first location.”

Even as the CEO was discussing his strategies to fight abuse, he got pushback both on and off-stage.

Carole Cadwalladr, the reporter who broke the Cambridge Analytica scandal, tweeted live concerns to Dorsey, inquiring about her own experience with harassment on Twitter:

A day previously at TED, Cadwalladr described Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as “handmaidens to authoritarianism” for enabling abuse to spread out on social networks.

On phase, Chris Anderson continued to question why Dorsey had not took on the problem with more seriousness. He joked with the CEO that the world was joining him on a “excellent trip” called the “Twit-tanic,” with the general public alerting him that there’s an iceberg ahead.

“We go to the bridge and you’re displaying this excellent calm, however we’re all going, ‘Jack, turn the f– ing wheel,” Anderson stated, to laughter from both Dorsey and the crowd.