Japan’s just recently selected cybersecurity and Olympics minister has actually informed parliament he has actually never ever utilized a computer system in his life, though it’s his task to manage cybersecurity for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Yoshitaka Sakurada, is the deputy chief of Japan’s vaunted cybersecurity method workplace and is likewise the minister in charge of the Olympic Games that Tokyo will host in2020


Depite these obligations, Sakurada has actually confessed that he has actually never ever utilized a computer system, and is basically baffled by the really concept of a USB drive and what it may do, according to a report the Guardian released on Wednesday

Everything started last month.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promoted Sakurada, 68, to the joint posts in October, regardless of his left-field choice having never ever held a Cabinet position prior to throughout his 18 years in Japan’s Diet plan or parliament.

It remained in the Diet plan, on Wednesday nevertheless, Sakurada came tidy and confessed he is not a huge computer system individual.

According to regional media, the recently selected minister made the admission at a parliamentary committee conference when an opposition political leader asked Sakurada a relatively regular are-you-computer-literate concern.

His action captures in a nutshell issues that some Japanese legislators are growing frantically out of touch in a quickly aging country.

“I have actually been independent because I was 25 and have actually constantly directed my personnel and secretaries to do that example,” Sakurada responded.

“I have actually never ever utilized a computer system.”

Sakurada was addressing concerns from Masato Imai, an independent Lower Home legislator.

When pursued by the worried legislator about how a guy doing not have computer system abilities might be in charge of cybersecurity, Sakurada stated he was positive there would be no issues.

“It’s stunning to me that somebody who hasn’t even touched computer systems is accountable for handling cybersecurity policies,” Imai stated.

He likewise appeared puzzled by the concern when inquired about whether USB drives remained in usage at Japanese nuclear centers.

Sakurada likewise stated “he does not understand the information” when a member of the Democratic Celebration for individuals, asked him about what steps he had in location versus cyberattacks on Japan’s nuclear reactor.

The countdown might currently be on for Sakurada in his main function.

According to the Japan Times this is not the very first time Sakurada has actually remained in warm water.

At a Lower Home Spending plan Committee conference Sakurada stumbled and obfuscated when addressing basic concerns about his arranging committee’s 3 policy pillars for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and likewise the video games’ budget plan.

The argument was stressed with prolonged disturbances as the luckless minister relied on and relied nearly totally on his assistants to address the standard concerns.

Sakurada excused his efficiency and the indignity to the Diet plan 4 days later on.

He might not have actually gotten the e-mail.