• In 1960, two airplanes crashed above New York City.
  • One of the planes crashed in Park Slope, Brooklyn, in the middle of a residential neighborhood.
  • Photos from the crash show how devastating and unbelievable the scene was. 

On December 16, 1960, Park Slope, Brooklyn, became the home of the worst aviation disaster the world had ever seen.

Two New York-bound flights from the Midwest crossed paths, one from United and one from TWA, The New York Times reported in a story marking the 50th anniversary of the crash in 2010.

Neither pilot reported distress, but the United plane reportedly showed signs of navigational systems malfunctioning. It was flying at 360 miles per hour when it struck the TWA plane, causing plane debris to fall to the neighborhoods below.

Here are photos that show what the scene looked like in 1960.