Blue Origin wishes to take its Blue Moon lander all the method to the lunar surface area.

Ben Rubin/CNET.

Jeff Bezos has actually currently dominated Earth with Amazon. Now he’s aiming to the moon with his Blue Origin spaceflight business. Its BE-7 engine, developed to shepherd a lander to the lunar surface area, simply passed its very first hot-fire test.

Bezos published a video of the test, which occurred at NASA’s Marshall Area Flight Center in Alabama, to Twitter late on Wednesday.

” Data looks excellent and hardware remains in best condition. Test went complete prepared period– 35 seconds,” Bezos composed.

The Amazon CEO revealed the brand-new Blue Origin lunar lander, called Blue Moon, in early May after years of advancement. Blue Origin is among 11 business dealing with NASA to establish lunar lander models for the Artemis moon program

Bezos is following in the steps of SpaceX creator Elon Musk, who likewise likes to post engine test video on Twitter It’s a great way for area fans to keep tabs on the advancement of brand-new engine and rocket science.

A big variation of heaven Moon lander is indicated to bring astronauts to the lunar surface area, a landmark Blue Origin wishes to accomplish by2024 However initially, it requires to show the lander’s engine depends on the job. The effective hot fire is an action in the best instructions.