Amazon employees are informed that Jeff Bezos considers himself the least essential individual at the business.

That’s according to a seasonal employee, who composed an confidential column for The Guardian in which they explained their initial talk from a fulfilment center supervisor.

They stated that the supervisor drew the line down the side of a picture of an inverted pyramid, and composed “least essential” at the bottom and “essential” at the top.

He apparently asked the brand-new staff members: “Where do you believe Jeff Bezos sees himself on this chart?”

The supervisor then pointed at the bottom of the pyramid and stated: “Jeff sees himself as the least essential individual in the business. What this business appreciates is the consumer pledge, and putting our consumers initially.”

He went on to state that consumers rank leading, carefully followed by “fulfilment partners,” the task position the confidential employee had actually simply taken operating in the storage facility.

However according to the Amazon employee’s account, the inverted pyramid image was rapidly soured by their brand-new associates. “Did they provide you the pyramid crap?” one asked, including: “That’s a load of sh-t.”

The confidential op-ed continued to tear into Amazon’s working conditions, and stated employees are dealt with like “non reusable parts.”

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They’re not the only Amazon staffer to speak up over employees’ rights. T housands of Amazon employees went on strike on Black Friday today, incensed by the “inhumane” conditions inside storage facilities.

Amazon stated it keeps a high level of security. “All of our websites are safe locations to work and reports to the contrary are merely incorrect,” a representative informed Service Expert.

Service Expert called Amazon to ask if the inverted pyramid image is typically utilized by supervisors to train personnel, and whether Jeff Bezos really considers himself to be the least essential individual at the business.