Julian Assange deals with a brand-new pastime while holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy in London.

El Pais video screenshot by Eric Mack/ CNET.

What does a desired guy do when he’s stuck inside the Ecuadorian embassy for almost 7 years? If you’re Julian Assange, obviously you disrobe to your singlet and shred on your skateboard for anybody going to enjoy– and for security electronic cameras.

Appears he’s been passing the years by triggering a little bit of problem and in some cases simply attempting to shred like Tony Hawk … if Tony Hawk were restricted to an actually little space and never ever discovered to skateboard well at all.

On Thursday, the notorious Wikileaks creator was tossed out of the embassy in London that has actually been his house for a number of years. In 2012, Assange was implicated of rape in Sweden, which led him to leave to the embassy where he invested 6 years and 10 months residing in a little space.

Video video footage acquired by the Spanish paper El Pais reveals Assange in a skimpy singlet doing his finest to whip on a skateboard, however generally simply falling all over himself.

Ecuador wearied of Assange’s shenanigans and his ongoing deal with Wikileaks from inside the embassy, choosing to bounce him last Thursday.

British cops were permitted to go into the embassy and drag Assange out to be apprehended on charges of leaping his bail years earlier. The rape charge in Sweden has actually been dropped, however charges in the UK stay and charges versus him in the United States have actually likewise been unsealed.

No word yet on whether extradition to skate school is a choice.

Initially released 4: 43 p.m PT.