Hubble snapped this view of Jupiter on June 27.

NASA, ESA, A. Simon (Goddard Area Flight Center) and M.H. Wong (University of California, Berkeley).

Jupiter is constantly a stunner. The streaky gas giant with its picturesque swirls simply positioned for a fresh Hubble Area Telescope picture. It looks as beautiful and wild as ever. On Thursday, NASA shared the brand-new Jupiter image, which was taken June 27.

The Great Red Area is the star of the program. It’s an enormous, mystical storm that’s been raving for centuries. It has actually altered shape in time and presently bears a similarity to a red eye.

Vibrant bands of clouds move the Great Red Area. These bands are kept separated by significant winds that can strike 400 miles (644 kilometers) per hour.

NASA likewise shared a cool video revealing Jupiter’s rotation as put together from Hubble images.

NASA brings our attention to the orange band near the world’s middle. “The intense orange color might be an indication that much deeper clouds are beginning to clean out, stressing red particles in the overlying haze,” the area company stated.

The Juno spacecraft is presently taking a look at Jupiter from orbit, offering us a more detailed take a look at the world’s active, rainy environment. Hubble’s view is from further away, however both NASA objectives add to an understanding of how Jupiter works.

Hubble, which is a joint task of NASA and the European Area Company, takes routine take a look at Jupiter in order to track modifications in its colors and storms. NASA stated this year’s picture reveals a “more extreme color scheme in the clouds swirling in Jupiter’s unstable environment than seen in previous years.” It’s a charm.