Jupiter sticks out in this marble-like picture.

NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/ MSSS/Kevin M. Gill.

We have a brand-new entry in the competitors for The majority of Stunning Picture of a World Pretending to be a Marble. The timeless Blue Marble view of Earth from 1972 still stands strong, however dark-horse Jupiter is competing with a fresh NASA image.

NASA provided the view today with the easy title “ Jupiter Marble” The color-enhanced view combines 3 images taken in February by the Juno spacecraft, which has actually been examining the gas giant because 2016.

Juno’s close pass offered us a stunning take a look at the world’s southern hemisphere, consisting of a sideways sighting of the notorious Great Red Area, an enormous spinning storm that has to do with two times the size of Earth. It appears like you might pluck the world out of the darkness of area and shoot it into a video game.

Resident researcher Kevin M. Gill, who explains himself as a “planetary information wrangler” at NASA, processed the images to produce the complete tableau of clouds and storms dancing throughout the world.

Juno has actually provided some wild and insane pictures of Jupiter, consisting of a development that appears like a South Park character and one that took the shape of a dolphin The marble picture is merely lovely to see, a pointer of the marvels of our planetary system.