Sen. Kamala Harris of California informed CNN’s Jake Tapper in an interview that aired Sunday that she wishes to “seriously have a look” at separating Facebook, calling the social networks leviathan “basically an energy that has actually gone uncontrolled.”

Harris’ remarks can be found in the wake of a withering New york city Times op-ed by Chris Hughes, among the business’s co-founders, in which he explained the business as a harmful monopoly and called CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s power “extraordinary and un-American.”

Harris stated at a minimum, Facebook required to be strictly managed.

“I believe that Facebook has actually experienced enormous development and has actually prioritized its development over the very best interests of its customers, particularly on the problem of personal privacy,” she informed Tapper. “There is no concern in my mind that there requires to be major policy which that has actually not been taking place. There requires to be more oversight, that has actually not been taking place.”

She included that Facebook has actually ended up being so important to Americans’ lives, neighborhoods, and occupations that extremely couple of individuals have the ability to go without it. That, she stated, makes the business more detailed to an utility than a personal business.

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“When you take a look at the problem, they’re basically an energy. There are extremely couple of individuals that can really manage and be associated with their neighborhoods or in society or whatever their occupation without in some way, someplace utilizing Facebook,” she stated. “We need to acknowledge it for what it is. It is basically an energy that has actually gone uncontrolled. And as far as I’m worried, that’s got to stop.”

Harris is among numerous 2020 Democratic prospects who have actually spoken up about Facebook in current days. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has for months required the separation of Facebook and other tech giants like Amazon and Google.

Other prospects, nevertheless, state separating such business should not be the president’s task. Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey informed ABC News on Sunday that separating tech business “sounds more like a Donald Trump thing to state.”

“I do not believe that a president needs to be running around, pointing at business and stating breaking them up with no type of procedure here,” Booker stated.