Boy arrested for “joking” about shooting up school on social media


A 13- year-old Indiana kid was apprehended recently by cops in Valparaiso, Indiana, after he published a screenshot to social networks recommending he wished to soar a school.

The kid, who goes to neighboring Chesterton Intermediate school, supposedly informed Siri ” I am going to soar a school.” Siri helpfully reacted with a list of schools in the Valparaiso location, where the kid was at the time. The kid took a screenshot and published it to social networks.

A few of his contacts notified the cops in Chesterton, who in turn alerted Valparaiso police officers.

The kid stated that the post was a joke, and subsequent examination exposed that he had no access to weapons. There was no indication that the kid had any specific school in mind when he made the remark.

” The hazard is not thought to be reputable at this time,” Valparaiso Authorities composed in their Facebook post.

However in an age when school shootings get extreme media protection, the cops have actually taken the post seriously. ” The male is being apprehended at the Porter County Juvenile Detention Center on a charge of Intimidation,” the Valparaiso Authorities composed on Thursday.

According to the Chicago Tribune, cops likewise detained a 2nd kid, 14 years of ages, who was associated with the event. He supposedly provided images of weapons that were published on social networks, though he didn’t have access to the weapons at the time of the post and rejected publishing any hazards.