Sony’s most current advertising video for future PlayStation video games (called “State of Play”) concluded with a surprise peek at a long-awaited video game: Last Dream VII Remake In bad news, the Thursday trailer was plainly restricted by publisher Square Enix’s intent to conserve a larger expose for “June,” potentially timed for the yearly Electronic Home entertainment Exposition.

However in great news, the task, revealed almost 4 years ago, lastly appears like an honest-to-goodness computer game. At last, we can start thinking what its last variation may potentially look and play like.

The most evident thing from the trailer, ingrained listed below, is an active fight system that looks mostly comparable to that discovered in Last Dream XV and the larger Kingdom Hearts series. (We got a tease of this in a late-2015 trailer) A low-angled electronic camera sits behind whichever character is being managed, and each fighter gets 2 instant action buttons, in addition to a faster way to a bigger menu. (That menu wasn’t toggled in today’s one-minute video.)

Furthermore, the high level of information provided to familiar characters like Cloud, Aerith, and Barrett appears to be preserved beyond cinematic, conversational series, as made apparent by a couple of freeze-frame minutes when the characters have a small decrease in information and boost in fuzziness. If this is undoubtedly how the in-game, real-time rendering ends up, we remain in for one heck of a production, a minimum of on a visual scale. However significant characters like Sephiroth just get the briefest of teases, while others (especially Tifa) do not seem noticeable.

No, there’s no release date yet connected to this video game, which is still slated to be a PlayStation console special whenever it comes out. And Square Enix has yet to clarify its prepare for an “episodic” FFVII Remake release schedule, as was initially teased in 2015.

Last Dream VII Remake trailer.

Noting image by Square Enix