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/ The MQ-9 Reaper isn’t really a fighter airplane. However it might quickly be equipped to secure other drones, helicopters, or other airplane, after an effective kill with a heat-seeking rocket in a November 2017 test.


The United States Flying force has actually exposed that an MQ-9 Reaper uncrewed airplane effectively shot down a smaller sized drone with a heat-seeking air-to-air rocket in a test last November. The information, offered by Col. Julian Cheater, leader of the 432 nd Wing, was available in an interview with at the Flying force Association’s Air, Area, and Cyber Conference in Washington, DC, the other day.

The Flying force’s Air Battle Command has actually been checking out methods to equip the MQ-9 with air-to-air weapons given that 2003 That was when the Flying force was preparing to provide an agreement to General Atomics for the uncrewed airplane, which was understood at the time as the Predator-B. Much of the issue has actually been that the MQ-9, which is flown over a satellite interactions link by Flying force operators, does not have the sort of sensing units a fighter airplane would utilize to track and target other airplane. Its Lynx multimode radar is an artificial aperture radar meant for tracking surface area targets on land and sea and for offering ground imaging– however not for looking for other airplane. Its other sensing units (besides navigational electronic cameras) were meant for tracking things listed below too. And the MQ-9 does not have the sort of electronic-warfare sensing units and countermeasures of crewed fight airplane.

Nevertheless, the Reaper’s Multispectral Targeting System (MTS) has actually shown to be functional for tracking some kinds of flying targets. In 2016, the current variation of MTS, the MTS-C, effectively tracked rocket launches in a test carried out by the Rocket Defense Firm. The MTS-C included long-wave infrared to the brief and medium infrared wavelength sensing units utilized in previous variations, permitting the sensing unit to track “cold body” items.

Utilizing interactions with other airplane and systems in the location of operation, an MQ-9 team might utilize the MTS-C to target an airplane too– and to orient the drone to fire an infrared-guided weapon at it. While the weapon utilized wasn’t gone over by Col. Cheater, it was likely a variation of the Stinger rocket that Raytheon just recently updated to make better for shooting down drones.

The Reaper has actually been hectic over the previous 3 years. In Between January 2015 and August 2018, inning accordance with Flying force information, MQ-9 airplane carried out 950 strikes, dropping or shooting roughly 1,500 weapons. A a great deal of those strikes have actually remained in metropolitan locations in Syria, offering close air assistance for United States and allied forces battling ISIS. However MQ-9s have actually rarely run in “objected to” airspace, where opponents might set up airplane to shoot them down. The addition of a heat-seeking rocket to the Reaper’s load would provide it a minimum of some sort of self-defense alternative.