We are now simply a matter of weeks far from the 50 th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the Moon, and individuals at LEGO understand a great marketing chance when they see one.

On June 1, the business will launch a brand-new set of 1,087 pieces that recreates the Apollo 11 Lunar Lander that touched down in the Sea of Serenity on July 20,1969 The set consists of 2 astronaut minifigures– probably Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, although their helmet faceplates are golden.

Ars has actually not had the ability to evaluate this set yet, however it is difficult to withstand developing a Lunar Descent Module and a Climb Module to recreate the Moon magic of 50 years earlier. (Particularly given that the majority of us missed out on among the 20 th century’s biggest accomplishments in genuine time.) Nevertheless, this little fond memories does not come especially inexpensive, as LEGO has actually set a United States rate of $99

For that handsome amount, the set consists of an extremely comprehensive reproduction of the Eagle lander, a cratered lunar surface area, and nifty-looking name plates. The descent phase includes an opening cam, laser hatches, and a ladder. The climb phase includes an in-depth interior with space for both minifigures. In general, the set steps 20 cm high, 22 cm large, and 20 cm deep.

The lander assembly will definitely combine well with the 1,969- piece Saturn V set that LEGO launched a number of years earlier. Constructing the biggest rocket to ever reach orbit was definitely a reward, and now we have an opportunity to take the next action of the Apollo 11 objective with the lunar lander. Now we simply require a high-fidelity Command Module to get the team house securely.

Noting image by LEGO