Mobile World Congress seems everything about cool kind aspects this year, and following the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X, LG is sort-of tossing its hat into the collapsible mobile phone ring. LG’s latest flagship, the (deep breath) “ LG V50 ThinQ 5G,” is not a collapsible mobile phone, however it does have an optional case with an entire 2nd screen on it. With 2 near-identical phone screens beside each other, you can get a great deal of the split screen performance of a collapsible mobile phone. There are even some intriguing brand-new use-cases LG has actually thought up.

On the surface area, the LG V50 is mainly a bog-standard 2019 mobile phone. You’re getting a 6.4-inch, 3120 ×1440 notched screen, a Snapdragon 855 SoC, 6GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage, 3 rear video cameras, 2 front video cameras, and a 4000 mAh battery. There’s a MicroSD card, an increasingly-rare earphone jack, and a USB-C port. The something that makes it stick out from the pack is that this is a 5G phone, with mmWave ability gave you by the Snapdragon X50 modem. Keep in mind that this is.
not always a good idea, considered that this is first-generation 5G hardware that significantly makes complex mobile phone style.

Type the phone Voltron

You can take your middle-of-the-pack LG phone and strap on the “LG DualScreen” device, and all of a sudden this phone ends up being intriguing. The DualScreen is essentially a folio case, however on the within, rather of a soft screen cover there is a whole 2nd OLED screen. The case includes a 6.2-inch 2160 ×1080 show to the V50’s integrated 6.4-inch, 3120 ×1440 screen, and a stiff hinge in the center methods you can have 2 screens side-by-side.

The case links to the phone over an undefined short-range Wi-Fi connection and a triple pogo pin port enables it to draw power from the V50’s internal battery. (I question what the 4000 mAh battery will resemble when it powers 2 6-inch HD screens and a 5G connection?) Strangely, these pogo pins are missing out on from all of LG’s press renders, however in truth they’re simply listed below the LG logo design on the back.

There are many cameras.

There are numerous video cameras.


There’s a huge hinge and bezels separating the 2 screens, so you will not be getting any cinema Android tablet action, however there’s a lot of split screen performance. You can run 2 apps simultaneously, one in each screen. You can turn the DualScreen+ phone combination horizontally, and have a messaging app in the top of the screen, and a keyboard in the bottom, sort of like the old hardware keyboard kind element. There’s an LG GamePad app that will put a video game in the leading screen, and replicate a controller through the bottom touch screen, like an all-touch Xperia Play LG’s cam app can reveal a viewfinder in one screen, and a live sneak peek of all 3 cam lenses in the other.

Whether anybody desires a sort-of folding mobile phone without the cinema tablet performance doubts, though one presumes LG has actually done its marketing research. LG isn’t talking rates or release dates for the V50 or the DualScreen device, however we’re going to think that together the entire plan will can be found in under the $2600 Huawei Mate X and the $1980 Galaxy Fold

LG states of its 5G service that the business is “partnering with 10 significant providers in markets where 5G service will be introduced this year, consisting of the United States, South Korea, Australia in addition to a variety of European nations.” In the United States, Sprint– which is not structure a 5G mmWave network– is calling the phone its very first 5G gadget Sprint states the V50 will be out at some point this spring, and there are currently images of the V50 with a brilliant yellow “5G” stamp on the back from Sprint. Verizon has actually registered to release the phone this summer season, however there’s no word yet on the number of 5G logo designs the business will handle to silk screen onto the back.

Lastly, I ought to likewise discuss that this phone has an impressive name. Keep in mind “ThinQ” is noticable “ Thin kyo͞o” (not like “believe”) and with all the post-nominals this is the “LG V50 ThinQ 5G.” At 9 syllables, this is right up there with “ Samsung Galaxy SII Impressive 4G Touch” in the pantheon of verbose Android phone names. It seems like an old Street Fighter video game.