Deep breath: There’s oxygen on Mars.

It’s simply not easily breathable on the surface area, and according to a Jet Propulsion Laboratory-led group, there’s the possibility of subsurface life on Mars, according to findings released in Nature Geoscience on Monday

The group took a look at the Interest rover’s 2016 discovery of heavily-oxidised rocks on Mars, and discoveries by scientists of underground lakes of briny water recommending H20 is potentially still streaming on Mars today. The mix of oxygen in rocks and the capacity for oxygen in subsurface tanks offered the researchers factor to think some level of life might be sustained on a subsurface level.

” We discovered something really unexpected: Lots of salt water can exist in various put on Mars,” Vlada Stamenkovic, a JPL researcher and lead author on the paper, informed Popular Mechanics “They completely are adequate to enable the aerobic breathing for microorganisms and even sponges, which are the most basic animals.”

The findings recommend taking a look at the underground salt water lakes might be the very best location to look for such life.

” Oxygen matters for Mars more than we ever imagined, and it permits a brand-new method of taking a look at life on Mars,” Stamenkovic stated.

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