Practically fifteen years back, a Japanese ailurophile published a photo of her cherished feline buddy to the Web. She didn t recognize it at the time, however this harmless image would indelibly engrave itself upon the web s awareness, ending up being a foundation of digital tradition and meme culture for several years to come.

Obviously, you understand I m speaking about Longcat.

Called for its uncommonly drawn-out upper body, Longcat motivated a myriad of smart photoshops. My preferred illustrates the domestic shorthair blasting through the world s stratosphere, like some sort of dander-spreading NASA rocket.

Somebody even produced a Longcat tune. This vivacious anthem was a thumping dance tune mainly stemmed from Wind s Nocturne, a moving ballad drawn from the late 1990 s role-playing video game Lunar: Silver Star Story Total The remix included a cute animated video revealing Longcat s limitless thorax taking it on an experience to the stars.

As Longcat s appeal grew, it produced a folklore of its own. At Some Point around March 2007, somebody chose that it deserved its own bane. This can be found in the type of Tacgnol (which astute readers will recognize is simply Longcat spelled in reverse).

Tacgnol was the wicked variation of Longcat. Similarly long, however outfitted in thick black fur, it cut a terrifying figure (for a feline). Photoshops of the 2 illustrate them secured a ruthless battle, a bit like Gandalf and Saruman in Lord of the Rings

Longcat might beat Tacgnol, however it couldn t combat the unpredictable nature of Web culture. As time dragged out, Longcat s star started to subside, and its share cost in the meme economy plunged like Lehman Brothers did circa2008 It was an ignoble end.

Quick forward to now. You might be forgiven for believing that Longcat has actually left to the excellent celestial scratching post. After all, its owner initially published a picture of the feline to the Japanese imageboard 2Chan eventually in between 2004 and2005 That s a long period of time back, and felines put on t live permanently, as much as one may hope.

However nope. Longcat lives, according to a specific on Twitter declaring to be its owner.

Longcat is long (and actually old)

The specific, a lady called Miiko from Kochi Prefecture, published a proof-of-life tweet that s considering that been retweeted almost 25,000 times and liked over 57,000 times. It consists of the initial Longcat image, in addition to a current picture of an almost-identical looking feline.

TNW separately equated her tweet. It states: When you state Looooong, I consider my feline. Around15 years back, somebody made me great deals of collages of my feline. The feline is still alive and she is the longest living feline in our household!

A follow-up tweet, likewise illustrating Longcat, states: Now she is(**************************************************************************** )years of ages. She does not reach high locations any longer, however she is unwinding and living

her life.

Another tweet reveals Longcat extended, as she remained in the initial image, juxtaposed beside a figurine for recommendation.

It s not something current, a translation
of Miiko s tweet checks out. This is the image that we took when we made her Figure

Longcat has 6 other bros and siblings, and Miiko routinely shares photos of them through her Twitter feed. After her very first tweet exploded, she stated: It s my very first time my tweet went viral so I put on t understand what to do. However anyways, I have absolutely nothing to promote.
so let me show you the black

long one(*** ).

I wish to think

I m going to hedge my bets here, since we sanctuary t had the ability to definitively validate the accuracy of these tweets. Just like anything on the web, you ought to see this with a healthy whiff of apprehension.
Personally however, I think these tweets to be real.

First of all, the timing accumulates. Longcat image was published eventually in between2004 and2005 Miiko declares that she shared the picture fifteen years back.

In addition, she states Longcat is17 years of ages, which is easily within the basic life-span of a domestic feline.

And after that there s the reality that Miiko s Twitter feed appears so wholesome and real, it s challenging to picture it being part

of an intricate scam developed to raise the hopes of the Web neighborhood, prior to savagely rushing them.

Miiko s Twitter name equates as queen with no crown. Her bio paints an image of domestic happiness, and states she deals with her mom, partner, and kid. It explains her pastimes as cooking, photography, and reading. If there is a feline, electronic camera and book, I more than happy, she composed.

Her30,000- plus narrate of a virtuous and normal life, filled with journeys to the veterinarian and early mornings invested making sophisticated bento boxes. They re so unrelentingly good. They re the Twitter equivalent of what would occur if you took Ned Flanders and a golden retriever, and in some way integrated them in a regrettable transporter mishap.


Attempt as I might, I simply can t picture her reversing and stating:(********** )lol, mind

Faith underpins a lot of our cumulative worldviews. And in a world where it s progressively challenging to understand anything with outright certainty, I select to think that Longcat is long, and most significantly, Longcat lives.

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